On the Brink of Disbelief

Just about a year ago, I went through what I call my “crisis of faith.” After faithfully living the Christian life and preaching the gospel for over a decade, I reached a point where I was ready to abandon the ministry, and Christianity altogether. It was a scary time in my life that I’ll never forget.

One thing I have learned since then, as I have shared my story, is that there are a lot of Christians – who seem so full of faith on the outside – who are plagued with serious questions and doubts about their faith in God, or in religion. They’re afraid to speak out. They’re afraid to confess their doubts. Their afraid to seek counsel, because they are afraid of being judged, of disappointing their loved ones…or finding that the answers aren’t there.

This particular page of my site is aimed at sharing with you specific lessons that touch on the deepest doubts and struggles that Christians have.

Navigating My Crisis of Faith

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Intuitive Spirituality

Defining Faith