My Story & Defense

For just over 13 years, I worked as a full-time minister in the “Church of Christ,” a church that can be very strict and very exclusive. I preached a hardline message that condemned a lot of things and a lot of people, even the majority of people in Christendom today. But then some things happened over the course of a few years that caused me to seriously reexamine my convictions and teachings on a host of issues. Slowly but surely, I found myself agreeing more and more with the wisdom of James in James 2:13, “Mercy Triumphs over judgment.” Finally, in the fall of 2016, I resigned from ministry and chose to enter the world of “mainstream Christianity.”

What follows is my story, and the biblical defense of my decision to pursue a different course.



Chapter 1: Backstory, Context & What to Expect

My Four Conclusions

Chapter 2: We Don’t Have to Get it All Right

Chapter 3: Discipleship is a Process

Chapter 4: The Weightier Matters of the Law

Chapter 5: Recognizing Liberty

Why I Left…

Chapter 6: Why I Left (Introduction)

Chapter 7: Baptism for Salvation

Chapter 8: “There is One, True Church”

Chapter 9: A Narrow Definition of Fellowship

Chapter 10: CENI – Is it a Scriptural Hermeneutic?

Chapter 11: Must the Lord’s Supper Be Observed Weekly?

Chapter 12: Instrumental Music in Worship

Chapter 13: Systemic Problems With the Church of Christ


Chapter 13: Closing Thoughts

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Mercy Triumphs_E-Book

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